The Future of Friendship is Magic & Why It Worries Me
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With season 7 of Friendship is Magic coming in April, and an 8th season already confirmed, I’d like to state why I’m worried. Way back in season 5, the show officially jumped the shark in episode 9 Slice of Life. Quite literally in fact. Both season 5 and 6 have had relatively poor reception when compared with previous seasons. Oddly, season 5 was doing pretty well before Slice of Life.

The Possibility of an Equestria Girls TV Show
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With the Equestria Girls specials releasing this summer, I’ve been wondering… What is Hasbro’s plan? I think I may have an idea of what Hasbro is doing. The Equestria Girls movies were up-and-down. TheΒ original was terrible, Rainbow Rocks was amazing, The Friendship Games was meh, and Legend of Everfree was alright. Do to the mixed results, it would be stupid to try and make a full TV show, and we’ve known for a while that Hasbro intends to do so with EqG.