The Royal Family of Equestria
· ☕ 1 min read
There is a big question I’ve had for a while: where is the royal family of Equestria? We know for a fact that Celestia and Luna have relatives, as Prince Blueblood is their distant nephew and he’s Princess Cadence’s cousin. What this means is that Cadence is related to Celestia and Luna, albeit distant. Blueblood and Cadence are related to the two sisters, so Celestia and Luna have to have closer relatives, even siblings.

My Disdain for Dwemer Ruins
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I can’t be the only one with this opinion, but I absolutely despise Dwemer ruins. They don’t fit. The Elder Scrolls is a medieval fantasy, and steampunk just does not fit in it. I don’t know what Bethesda were going for, but I just can’t understand why it was ever needed. That however does not mean I have no interest in the Dwemer themselves. I really do like the idea of a race that has suddenly vanished and no one knows what happened.

Will we learn what happened to Applejack's parents?
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We recently got official confirmation from Kora Kosicka, a character designer, that Applejack’s parents are in fact dead. When asked if she could explain what happened she responded: I’m sure one day you’ll find out the story of Applejack’s parents, but it’s a spoiler. ~ Kora Kosicka Now I see people saying “we’ll finally get an episode about this.” Sorry to burst your bubble, but that will never happen. The FCC will not allow it, as MLP is rated TV-Y.

My "Book V" Predictions
· ☕ 2 min read
Christopher Paolini has stated before that he intends to write more stories taking place in Alagaësia, and the next one is “Book V.” From what I’ve heard, Book V won’t actually be part of the Inheritance Cycle, but rather a standalone novel and will take place after the events in Inheritance. Here are my predictions for what will happen in “Book V.” The Story Won’t Be Focused on Eragon & Saphira Eragon and Saphira left Alagaësia, so if we do hear from them, it will be short moments, likely through scrying.