My Plan for the Future
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I need a more updated and detailed post on my plan for van life, so here you go.

Reading SPECTRUM: Prologue
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So I have officially begun reading SPECTRUM. I’ve only finished the prologue, but I feel it is worthy of a post on its own. I plan to post every time I finish an act in this story.

My Fascination with Human in Equestria Stories
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If you’ve read through this blog, there’s probably one thing you will have noticed: “This dude is obsessed with HiE.” Yes, it’s true, I have a fascination with Human in Equestria stories. I mean, check out the Fimfiction Reviews series. Every single one of them is HiE. A fair few interestingly enough feature the Anonymous…

Anonymous in Nu-Questria
 2 min read

I finally got around to reading Anonymous in Nu-Questria and it’s sequel, and holy shit, that was intense. I’m serious, I haven’t been this wrapped in a fanfic in years. Not since Exchange. I read both stories in under twenty-four hours.

Midnight Comfort
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My first G5 review, and seemingly the author’s first G5 story. I’ve read a couple G5 fics, but nothing particularly stuck with me. That was until I read Midnight Comfort.

All’s Fair in Love and War
 2 min read

After seeing it trending for over a week, I decided to put aside my aversions and check out All’s Fair in Love and War. I’ll admit, I am debating whether or not to even publish my review of this.

The “How Many-Verse” Stories
 3 min read

I first read How Many Friends Have You Made Today?, and How Many Have You Forgiven Today? back in October 2017. Since it’s been four years, I decided it’s time to reread them and check out the third in the series, How Many Lovers Have You Made Today?

My Review of “Friday Night Twilight”
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Heartwarming. Just heartwarming. This short story has a very simple premise. Twilight Sparkle visits this human every Friday night to watch the show.

The Elder Scrolls VI
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So, it’s finally happening. At Bethesda’s E3 briefing we got a 30 second teaser confirming The Elder Scrolls VI is coming.

My Review of “Exchange”
 < 1 min read

Normally I wouldn’t read a story like this given its description, but a friend of mine requested I check it out.